How the Invigor towels work

How the Invigor towels work

Invigor towels have a unique design that allows for a gentle massaging action while drying your skin. The towel is made of a double-sided fabric that includes bamboo viscose on one side and an inside layer of satin weave between the bamboo fabric on the other side. The bamboo viscose provides a soft and absorbent surface, while the satin weave provides a stationary surface that remains in place against your skin absorbing the friction.

This design allows the towel to move in a 360-degree range from the hand side without pulling, tugging, or scraping against the epidermis. As you dry your skin in a sliding motion, the towel lifts up moisture like a sponge, providing a patting like sensation, but all the while you are moving across your skin that is gentle and effective.

Invigor towels are the only towels that you can rub on your skin without worrying about damaging the epidermis. The gentle massaging action provided by the towel is perfect for people with sensitive skin or anyone who wants to avoid harsh rubbing or scraping when drying off after a shower or bath.

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