Your Babies Skin Is Worth It

Your Babies Skin Is Worth It

Invigor Towels are designed to prevent abrasive issues and promote skin health through several key features:

  1. Soft and Fine Fibers:

    • Invigor Towels use materials with soft and fine fibers for your babies skin, such as double-sided bamboo viscose and an inner layer of satin. These materials are chosen for their gentle touch on the skin.
  2. Satin Weave Comfort:

    • The satin weave on the inner layer contributes to a smooth and soft texture. It acts as a barrier between the towel and the skin, reducing friction and the potential for abrasive contact.
  3. Non-Abrasive Drying:

    • Invigor Towels are crafted to provide effective drying without resorting to abrasive methods. The materials and weaving techniques are chosen to maintain a balance between absorbency and gentleness.
  4. Innovative Design:

    • The patented 4-layer design of Invigor Towels is carefully engineered to offer a unique combination of softness and functionality. This design takes into account the potential issues associated with abrasive towels and addresses them proactively.
  5. Avoidance of Harsh Chemicals:

    • Invigor Towels are created with a focus on avoiding harsh chemical treatments that can compromise the softness of the fibers. This helps in maintaining a gentle texture suitable for all skin types.
  6. Hydration without Overdrying:

    • Unlike some towels that may strip the skin of natural oils, Invigor Towels are designed to help keep the skin hydrated without causing over-drying. This is crucial for maintaining skin health and preventing irritation.
  7. Consideration for Sensitive Skin:

    • Invigor Towels are suitable for individuals with sensitive skin, including babies and children. The choice of materials and the absence of abrasive elements make them a preferred option for those prone to skin sensitivity. A true lifestyle brand for everyday Healthy skincare

By combining these features, Invigor Towels aim to provide a comfortable and non-abrasive experience, contributing to overall skin well-being and preventing the issues associated with harsh towel usage.

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